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Welcome to Ardena.co.uk! We are the best blog for home & garden inspiration. Setting up your house or garden becomes a lot easier if you have first looked around on our website. Even if you are looking for specific information, for example about growing an avocado plant, cuttings of a pineapple plant or how you can make bird food yourself, you have come to the right place. You can't think of it that way or we wrote about it!


A beautiful garden is full of green and flowering plants, but which garden plants are actually all there and how do you care for them? All garden plants are mentioned at Ardena.co.uk. Every plant is unique and has its own wishes:

  • The sail is happy in the shade;

  • buddleja can be pruned considerably in March;

  • and the blue hydrangea turns pink if the soil is not acidic enough.

Diseases, pests and weeds can spoil the fun considerably. Therefore, also read our blogs about combating. Your garden naturally consists of much more than just plants and that is why you also read about garden furniture on our garden blog, for how do you actually clean it best?


Have you ever thought about creating a vegetable garden? We are happy to help you on your way by telling you about growing different types of vegetables. Tomatoes and carrots are easy plants and you can best start with that. Always go a step harder and eventually even get a big eggplant from the ground!


Indoor plants ensure a healthy indoor climate. They purify the air from waste and add oxygen. They also keep the humidity level up. Air purifying indoor plants, such as the spoon plant, are particularly good at this. Complaints such as headaches will disappear in no time if you put a few of these plants in your house. In addition to the fact that houseplants are good for physical health, it can also make you pretty cheerful. Colorful plants such as the orchid, bromeliad or flamingo plant provide a pleasant atmosphere in your home.


How do you ensure that your interior looks stylish but also exciting? By creating a good balance! Nobody gets cheerful from a boring interior. Place a few colorful home accessories in one corner while leaving the other corner empty. This way you ensure that there is no excess of color and you keep it calm, but still interesting. You can read the best interior tips on Ardena.co.uk.


Get started with original Do It Yourself ideas; that's nice! On Ardena.co.uk you will find a lot. From vertical gardening to making autumn dolls. Get started with the whole family. Do It Yourself is a great way to do recycling. For example, use old bottles as flower pots.


Do you want an overview of all garden centers in the Netherlands? Then have a look at gardencentreguide.co.uk. Find a garden center near you and view reviews from previous visitors or leave a review yourself!


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