4 Reasons Your Garden Needs a Cover


If you're planning to install a new garden cover, chances are you're weighing your options on the design that best suits your home and yard. But did you know that installing a canopy in your garden can have more benefits than you think?

Installing a canopy will add an attractive aesthetic element to your outdoor space and bring many practical benefits. Read on to learn more about the benefits of a garden canopy below!

Patio cover

Protection against the elements

A garden roof can protect your outdoor space from rain and wind. It can also reduce sun exposure. You can opt for a fabric cover that reflects the sun's rays and provides shade in summer and warmth in winter. You can also add a roof overhang to protect your terrace, patio or seating area even better against splash water. This is especially important in areas with much rain. An overhang roof can collect water and thus add functionality to your outdoor space.

Create a microclimate

A garden cover creates a microclimate by reducing wind speeds and trapping heat under the cover. Growing plants under your canopy can make a difference in the growing season, allowing plants to thrive earlier and later in the year. For example, you can create a shadier, cooler microclimate for plants that need less sun. In addition, shelter from the wind and the retained heat can also contribute enormously to comfort, for example, if you create a luxurious seating area under your canopy.

Different garden areas

A canopy provides shade and privacy while simultaneously creating different zones for different activities. For example, create a dining area, reading corner, or a comfortable lounge area under a canopy. You can also use a canopy to create a more shaded play area for children. This can help protect your kids from harmful sun rays and insect bites. With a garden roof, you can create endless possibilities and provide your outdoor space with an elegant and orderly appearance.

Make it an architectural statement

A garden roof can also make an architectural statement in your outdoor space. It can help you create a larger outdoor space or take up an awkward space under a low-hanging tree. A garden cover can be a stylish addition to your patio or backyard. It can also be adapted to your space and design preferences. Choose a fabric colour, pattern or design to complement an existing deck or add an exciting new look and feel to your garden.


Whether you want to protect your outdoor space from the elements, create a relaxed and comfortable seating area or make an architectural statement, a canopy can be the perfect complement. So opt for a cover in the garden and enjoy the many benefits

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